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5 Aug 2013

As we outlined before, this season we have pooled all our various tasting notes from the last few months - well over 1,000 of them in total - and assembled a number of regionally specific collections of them, together with one devoted to champagne and sparkling wines.

Reviews written by Julia Harding MW, Richard Hemming, Tamlyn Currin and Walter Speller are suffixed (JH), (RH), (TC) and (WS) respectively. Notes that are not initialled are Jancis's.

Within sections, reviews are listed in declining score order. We have tried wherever possible to give at least one UK stockist and price. It should therefore be relatively easy to spot the over-achievers, although search for the GVs that denote those that struck us as particularly good value.

To find prices and stockists where you live, click on a wine name to reveal the Find this wine link to There are some truly scintillating wines here, at the top, as well as some to avoid at the bottom.

Here's a guide to all of our collected works, with the most recently published at the top.

Italy - our collected works 30 July 

Bordeaux and SW France - our collected works 29 July 

Rhône - our collected works 26 July 

Spain and Portugal - our collected works 25 July 

Australia, NZ and South Africa - our collected works 24 July

Burgundy - our collected works 23 July 

The Americas - our collected works 22 July

Fizz - our collected works 19 July

Germany and Austria - our collected works 18 July

Current gems from the Languedoc 3 July

Current offerings from Loire and Alsace 20 June