Our huge Learn section: guides to drinking wine, and vintages


As we continue to tweak our new designs behind the scenes, with the next release of improvements due soon, here are a few more things you might not yet have discovered from our Learn section. Both these sections existed on the old site but have been comprehensively updated and made significantly more navigable and easy on the eye – at least, we think so. Even better, the entire Learn section is completely free to access.

The vintages section features 22 wine regions where annual growing conditions are most closely monitored. Each of them has a report on every year back to 2000, with many going much further back in time. We haven't provided scores or estimated maturation dates, because numbers simply cannot do justice to the complexities of the weather within a region. Instead we provide a brief and impartial assessment of the wines, based on our own extensive experience.

Drinking wine is an entire book's worth of information about everything to do with wine. Indeed, it originated as a book written by Jancis some years ago, but has been especially rewritten for this version of the site to ensure it is conversant with all the latest trends. There are 16 chapters to browse through, giving advice on everything from choosing a bottle to storage to decanting to tasting tips. Do have a good look through this wealth of information, and please share it far and wide with anyone who has an interest in our favourite drink.