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  • Richard Hemming MW
Written by
  • Richard Hemming MW
29 May 2012

29 May - update. The results were announced on 23 May and can be read in full on the Born Digital results page. I was delighted to be 'first runner-up' for my video, the full story of which can be read below.

The shortlist for the 2012 Born Digital Wine Awards was announced this week. Now in its second year, the competition 'rewards great content which is first published on the web and not in print', with categories including Best Editorial Content, Best Wine Photo Story and Best Wine Themed Video.

It is this last category which is of particular interest to me, since I am delighted to have been included on the shortlist! So, with minimal coercion from Mission Control, I was persuaded to draw this fact to your attention.

I made the video last year, and you can see it below. It's a studious, academic 'visual essay' on the wine appellations of the world. With percussion.

The full shortlist is reproduced below, with links to the relevant article in each case. It's a great compliment to be included alongside such high-calibre content, especially since the awards specifically champion online work, which is too often thought inferior to traditional print media.

The very best of luck to all of them!

Best Editorial Wine Writing

Best Investigative Wine Story

Best Wine Tourism Feature

Best Winery Self Produced Content

Best Wine Themed Video

Best Wine Photo Essay

See the Born Digital shortlist announcement page and scroll to the bottom to see these photographs.

  • Giacomo Tincani: Tie (Legare)
  • Lannon Harley: 2011 Riesling Harvest at Four Winds Vineyard
  • Matt Wilson: Small Wine Producers in the Maule Valley Chile
  • Mick Rock: A biodynamic day at Dr Bürklin Wolf
  • Lannon Harley: Rolling out the nets at Four Winds Vineyard