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  • Richard Hemming MW
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  • Richard Hemming MW
7 May 2013

Every month, we bring you a free digest of the very best bits from, as well as:

  • previews of what's to come
  • flashbacks to the top stories on 10 years ago
  • highlights from our events calendar
  • and free access to two Purple Pages articles from the preceding month.

APRIL on was stuffed with articles, like cream in a piping bag, ready to be squeezed across the internet and presented deliciously onto your screen. Here are some of the choicest morsels:

MAY promises another wealth of wine insight, including

  • News of our new super Spanish specialist
  • Tasting notes on some super Spaniards
  • The long, long story of importing vines into Australia
  • Michael Schmidt's first tranche of tasting notes on Germany's 2012s
  • Bordeaux's last four vintages compared
  • Growers' champagnes
  • Does good cheap white wine exist?

FROM THE ARCHIVE in April 2003, the headline stories show how much - and how little - has changed in 10 years:

... and don't forget to keep up to speed with our Events diary, featuring the following titbits this May (but we want it to be as international as possible!):