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  • Richard Hemming MW
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  • Richard Hemming MW
6 Jun 2013

Every month, we bring you a free digest of the very best bits from, as well as:

  • previews of what's to come 
  • flashbacks to the top stories on 10 years ago 
  • highlights from our events calendar 
  • and free access to two Purple Pages articles from the preceding month.

MAY delivered yet another bouncing baby of wine love here on The midwifery team of Jancis, Julia, Richard, Michael, Ferran, Walter, Alex, Nick and Alder all had a hand in its delivery, and here are some highlights from them:

JUNE is set to bring another fine tranche of the web's best wine writing, including:

  • The best - and worst - rosés 
  • A mini-series on the recently revived Mamertino denomination in Sicily
  • Grande marque champagnes tasted blind 
  • The rest of Michael's notes on German 2012s from top producers 
  • A feast of Jura wines
  • South America's best wines tasted blind
  • An overview and producer profiles from NZ's Waipara region 
  • How the FBI is being trained to spot fake wine

FROM THE ARCHIVE - here are the finest cuts from back in May 2003:

... and don't forget to find out what's on near you in the world of wine, by using our events diary. This June is decidedly London-centric - we will endeavour to widen the net in future. Here are a few selections: