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Manfred Krankl's Sine Qua Non is pretty much the textbook example of a cult winery. Tiny volumes of limited edition (one time only) bottlings, strictly controlled mailing list distribution, prices that rocket on the secondary market after release, wonderfully artistic packaging and huge critical acclaim. Having said that, when we showed an SQN wine at our recent Cult California tasting, it completely split the group and Jamie Goode ( shared the opinion of many when he said it was "quite unpleasant", scoring it 86/100. Parker had scored the same wine 100 points and called it "a tour de force in winemaking"!

We have wanted to put on an SQN event for a long time - precisely because the wines spark such interesting debate - but it had proved impossible to assemble a workable line-up of the wines due to their rarity and high prices. When we managed to secure a large and eclectic parcel from a collector in the USA, the first thing on our mind was to put on a tasting so we could really get to grips with this most enigmatic of cult producers.

We will be tasting:2009 On the lam (white)2008 Pontiff (rosé)2009 Thrill of Syrah2009 Upside down2008 The line2007 Dangerous Birds2007 Pictures2006 Crosshairs2001 Ventriloquist1998 Veiled Pinot Noir

To book:

Event details

Date Thursday 11 October 2012
Time 7pm to 9pm
Event type Masterclass
Cost £195.00
Booking required? Yes
Venue details 348 Kensington High Street, London W14 8NS, London, United Kingdom