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  • Richard Hemming MW
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  • Richard Hemming MW
17 Nov 2011

As reported in WA's prime vineyard abandoned, earlier this year the legendary Justin vineyard in the Great Southern region of Western Australia was dumped by Accolade Wines (formerly Constellation) after their contract expired. The fruit from these 89 hectares was responsible for, among others, Houghton's prized Jack Mann Cabernet Sauvignon.

Step in Larry Cherubino (pictured). He has been hard at work negotiating new contracts between the Roche family, who own the vineyard, and several clients. Announcing the good news in a press release, he says 'I have been involved with the vineyard since the mid nineties and consider it to be one of the top ten Cabernet vineyards in Australia. I think its trophies in wine shows here and abroad attest to that; the quality is evident in the disproportionate amount of success it has had over the years. The inherent soil and climate lend themselves to make fantastic wines. It is an exciting time for the vineyard and everybody involved.'

Exactly who that 'everybody' is has not been revealed but Howard Park and Frankland Estate were originally interested, and it is presumed Cherubino himself will take a slice. There are apparently also some clients outside Western Australia.

It has also been confirmed that Houghton will have access to the same precious parcels of Cabernet Sauvignon for their Jack Mann, since Cherubino (an ex-Houghton winemaker, helpfully) believes it is crucial for this WA flagship to maintain its premium quality.