Abruzzo's new avant-garde – part 2

Tiberio's Trebbiano vineyard

Three more new-wave Abruzzese profiled – Ciavolich, Tiberio and Valle Reale. Above, Trebbiano in Tiberio's vineyard. See also part 1 and this map.

Ciavolich, subzone Terre dei Vestini

The Ciavolich family, originally wool merchants from Bulgaria, arrived in Abruzzo in the 16th century, planted vineyards and constructed the region’s oldest cellar, in 1835 in Miglianico, just south of Pescara. In the 1960s, Giuseppe Ciavolich, running an agricultural-machines plant at the same time, took over the estate and enlarged it by planting vines in Loreto Aprutino on land inherited from his mother. In 2003, at only 26 years of age...