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Ethos Priorat by Elizabeth Hecker - cover

Elizabeth Hecker’s book Ethos Priorat is another highlight among wine books published in 2022 (along with Andrew Jefford’s Drinking with the Valkyries) and Professor Ludger Mees publishes his book on The History of Rioja Wine.

Ethos Priorat
Elizabeth Hecker
Published by Terroir Talking
ISBN 9780578920719

€75 from Terroir Talking

After 20 years in California working as a photographer, storyteller and graphic designer with wineries, Elizabeth Hecker found herself in Priorat, entranced, unable to leave, a captive of a landscape, a wine and its people.

Elizabeth Hecker behind her camera
Elizabeth Hecker, usually behind the camera

Her story begins with a sip of Priorat wine at a festival in Colorado. She...