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  • Jancis Robinson
Written by
  • Jancis Robinson
9 Apr 2009

Yesterday was the closing date for entries to our Bordeaux haiku competition. Dan Coward of Bibendum Wine, whose idea the whole thing was, has chosen the following five haikus as winners, which means that their authors will receive an email from him, offering them each a double ticket to Bibendum's Big Bordeaux Tasting at Lords Cricket Ground on the evening of 22 April.

I don't think anyone interested in bordeaux would regret taking up this chance to taste not just an older vintage from so many top châteaux but also the 2008s, a fascinating vintage that belies the weather patterns of last summer. We are currently assembling our hundreds of tasting notes taken recently in Bordeaux for publication next week.

Jim C
gravel given grape
creates claret cleverly
gavel got greedy

François Feuillet
Halfway down the stands
I start feeling light-headed
Oh, were there spittoons?

Don Jordan
Bacchus drained the dregs
Then smiling said, 'Easy come
And easy Bordeaux...'

Louis Taylor
To define Bordeaux
In seventeen syllables
Is very diffic

Robin van Schmidt
I've bid sad goodbye
to crus classés. New wine list:
credit crunch Bordeaux

And an honourable mention (too many syllables) goes to

Vidhi Tambiah
oh jupiter's hellhound,
I spilled my en primeur
on my computer

Feel free to comment below.