Burgundy 2021 – D–F

Jane Eyre

For the rest of these alphabetically grouped tasting articles, and more general articles on Burgundy 2021, see our guide. Above, Jane Eyre, photographed by Jon Wyand.

The 87 tasting notes below are grouped alphabetically by producer (sur)name and within those groups are ordered whites before reds, ascending from generic through village, premiers and grands crus. You can change the order within groups as you prefer using the menu below.

Domaine Daniel Dampt (Chablis)

Dom Daniel Dampt, Les Lys Premier Cru 2021 Chablis

Picked on 17–18 September, before the rain.
Taut, tangy herbs, grapefruit and a touch of cedar, softened by the creamy effect of the lees. Marked acidity is balanced by the texture, which is both creamy and has a slight grip. A tight, super-crisp wine, but in balance, with a mouth-watering finish. (JH)

£228 per case of 12 ib Haynes Hanson & Clark

Dom Daniel Dampt, Côte de Léchet Premier Cru 2021 Chablis

Picked on 17–18 September, before the rain.
Smells a little riper and less herbal than the Lys. And yet more obviously stony/mineral. Richer on the palate, too, with a lovely grip in the texture. A big step up in intensity compared with the Lys. High acid, just in balance. (JH)

£228 per case of 12 ib Haynes Hanson & Clark

Dom Daniel Dampt, Bougros 2021 Chablis Grand Cru

They have reduced the oak influence from this vintage – only half the wine is fermented in oak and, after malolactic conversion, they moved it all to tank.
Herby, cedary citrus – lots of minerally stone-dust, too. Firm and rich-fruited on the palate, even with the very high acidity. Good balance in a lighter vintage with the richness of Bougros still present, despite the vintage. (JH)

£245 per case of 6 ib Haynes Hanson & Clark

Domaine Sébastien Dampt (Chablis)

Domaine Darviot-Perrin (Monthelie)

Darviot-Perrin have been farming organically for 25 years and in 2019 moved to biodynamics. 65%...