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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
12 May 2010

I urged you recently to sign a petition in support of Cullen in Margaret River whose local yeast population is threatened by the development of a brand new brewery next door.  This was on the eve of a mediation meeting. I asked Vanya Cullen what happened and here is her reply:

Mediation revealed no-one changed their minds!!

The council are engaging an expert to report back to them. We are getting some circumstantial evidence and yesterday the Australian Wine Research Institute have taken base line soil samples.

The council still can change their minds although I sincerely hope not. This is decided either on 9 or 22 June depending on when the report comes in from the expert. If the council go ahead then the state administrative tribunal hearing is on 17 and 19 August.

The developer will not accept circumstantial evidence and keeps saying there is no proof.  It is crazy and doesn't make sense what he is proposing. The problem is they don't understand wine. We are able to help the council find an expert witness which is good. So we can only work hard and have faith.

Your support it is greatly appreciated.