Indie writing competition – Chambers Street Wines


Kristen Porro writes this entry in our Indie writing competition:

Changes are happening every day in the tiny neighbourhood of Manhattan called Tribeca. No two strolls to the local wine store are the same because the 14-foot window into the dentist's office you saw on Wednesday is shielded by scaffolding on Saturday. Though not all is lost, and even though the walk for a bottle of wine may be different, the destination remains the same. Chambers Street Wines is small, but mighty. The entire team is fantastic. In fact, our English bulldog would disown us if we went in there without her. Besides the tiny milk bones she gets every time, the love and attention is priceless.

Of course when New York City weather doesn't co-operate, Chambers Street Wines continues to deliver – literally. I'm either placing the order online (and John always sends a note that the wine is on the way) or calling up and asking for a recommendation, and the team's selection is always spot on. I am always leaning towards Burgundy, but thanks to the staff I have learned to appreciate so many more varietals. The doormen of our building even comment on how pleasant the Chambers Street Wines team are when they deliver.

One of my best experiences was when I started my search for a very special bottle to give as a gift to a very special person. I walked in and said I'd love a bottle that is from the same year the recipient was born. Down into the cellar the team went and, minutes later, surfaced with three bottles. Without the slightest idea of what to look for in a bottle with this year, I completely trusted them to steer me in the right direction in terms of price and quality. A 1978 Barolo was the winner. And a winner it was. Beautiful.

When a cousin was made partner at a prestigious law firm, we knew Chambers Street Wines was the only place to go to find a wonderful bottle from the year she started as an associate. Success yet again.

At Chambers Street Wines you don't have to worry about choosing quality or quantity because they truly have both. Wine shops are a dime a dozen in our neighborhood; Chambers Street Wines is a guaranteed enjoyable experience.

Chambers Street Wines
160 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007
tel +1 (212) 227 1434
fax +1 (212) 227 7978