Our Chianti Classico Night


Our next London tasting event will be held at Caravan King’s Cross, our usual hospitable location, on Sunday 23 September and will be devoted to glorious Chianti Classico. 

You may remember our Italian specialist Walter Speller’s delight at the exceptional quality of wines now being made in this historic and extremely beautiful region (see, for example, his paean of praise published earlier this year) with an elegance, energy and complexity that puts them firmly in the fine wine category. And the Sangiovese grape is at last gaining the respect it deserves, with more Chianti Classicos than ever made exclusively from this variety. We don’t need to restate his arguments but would urge you to come along and taste for yourself.

As usual about 40 different wines will be available in our self-pour tasting, all hand-picked by Walter. As usual, the wines, mostly 100% Sangiovese and from a selection of vintages, will be grouped by commune so as to make the event as educational as possible. And as usual participants will be provided with Richard’s carefully annotated tasting booklet. During the second half of the evening, Caravan will be providing delicious solid nourishment – always essential when Italian reds are being tasted.

Our events seem to be getting more and more popular so if this interests you, you would be well advised to take advantage now. Tickets are non-refundable but if you find you cannot attend, by all means contact richard@jancisrobinson.com to see whether there is a waiting list.

WHAT A comparison of around 40 Chianti Classicos from recent vintages, including Riservas and Gran Seleziones

WHEN 6.30–9 pm Sunday 23 September 2018

WHERE Caravan, King's Cross, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA


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