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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
9 May 2006

New Zealand wine writer Paul Tudor has passed both parts of his Master of Wine exams and is now wrestling with The Final Assault, the Dissertation which the IMW now insists that all successful candidates complete before being allowed to append those two hard-won initials. He would like your help.

"The following is an email message that I am sending out today for a survey that I am conducting into screwcap attitudes. At very least, I hope that you are able to contribute your views via the websurvey.

"The screwcap revolution has been emotive and highly contentious, with the potential to alter wine culture in many small ways. It is a significant change to the way wine is promoted and sold. Yet fair, unbiased information about the acceptability of screwcaps on wine is not easy to obtain.

"In preparation for the final part of my Master of Wine examinations, the Dissertation, I am researching acceptance levels of screwcaps on wine.

"This survey is entirely independent and has not received financial backing from any closure manufacturer, wine producer or distributor. Although I am based in New Zealand, the scope of the survey is international, specifically targeting four key markets: Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States.

"The survey is aimed at wine professionals or anyone who draws some income from wine. I would like to obtain as many responses as possible from people working in the wine industry, covering everyone from the cellarhand right up to the winery owner. I am equally keen to hear from people involved in the wider wine trade, such as wine distributors, wine retailers, sommeliers, bar staff, wine journalists and educators. Anyone involved in making, selling or promoting wine should answer this survey. Please forward this request to your colleagues in the industry or to any email discussion lists, newsgroups or listservs that you may belong to.

"Although the emphasis is on wine professionals, responses will also be accepted from interested enthusiasts and others who do not make a living out of wine.

"All respondents will be eligible to win a pack of three wine books, valued at over £60 /$90, including one each of the following:

Understanding Wine Technology (2nd ed) by David Bird MW
Wine Science: the application of science in winemaking by Jamie Goode
Wine Label Language by Peter Saunders

"Four prize draws will be made, one each for Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and the rest of the world (including the United States.)

The following link will take you to the survey website. Alternatively anyone interested in participating can contact me directly via my email address"