Summer quiz – answers and winners


We are delighted to announce the five winners of our summer quiz, part of the Australian Women in Wine celebrations. Contestants were required to answer seven questions that were trickier than they first appeared, as well as completing a tie-break. The five winners are: 

  • Yvonne Zohar 
  • Jennifer McKenna 
  • Elena Bernal 
  • Vanessa Lam 
  • Bob Davidson 

Congratulations to them all! The questions were attempted by 456 entrants, though far fewer than that answered all the questions correctly. See below for the full quiz, including answers.

  1. Among the 25% of people said to be particularly sensitive to bitterness in wine, are there more men or women?
  2. Who is the author of a book about significant female wine figures in Piemonte?
  3. Which organisation offers vintage internships specifically for women?
  4. Which prominent Mosel wine estate lost its female head?
  5. How many aspiring female wine writers were published on as part of our competition last year?
  6. How many women became Masters of Wine in 2015?
  7. Which woman is one of the two winemakers at Nyetimber?

The prize for each of our five winners is a pair of tickets to the sold out wine tasting evening being jointly staged by Wine Australia and Women in the City on the evening of 25 September in Australia House (an earlier wine tasting event there is pictured above). This September's event is described thus:

Meet over 50 Aussie women in wine and taste the quality and diversity of Australian wine. In the evening of 26 September, these Aussie winemakers and winery principals will be running a special tasting for us, showcasing over 100 wines. You’ll get to meet Australia’s most prominent women in wine, taste their wines and hear their stories. The winemakers will be pouring you their wines and demonstrating the quality, diversity and innovation of Australian wine.

For full details, click here.