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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
25 Jul 2012

26 Jun - Ben Coffman writes to point out 'They have dramatically increased the number of wines designated as "fine wines" to cover almost everything about around £11. These are not discounted online. Poor show; and worth pointing out in your article more forcefully' Consider it done. 

25 Jun - From today until next Tuesday 31 July it is Tesco's turn to give  a discount of 25% to all those buying at least six bottles of wine in their UK stores (except for those in alcohol-conscious Scotland) .

You might like to take a look at our reviews of 96 of their current offerings in Tesco's summer collection, although it is worth noting that this promotion specifically excludes what they call their 'fine wines' (though, oddly, it includes their own label wines designated Tesco Finest*)..

Note too that by no means all of the 96 qualify as wine; they include eight reduced-alcohol concoctions of which only one, J P Chenet, Light Colombard/Chardonnay NV, was given more than 14.5 points out of 20 from me (and several languished at 12 and 13). This is a blend of half full-strength wine and half the same blend completely dealcoholised using the spinning cone technique. It is certainly not recommended as a serious alternative to wine, only as a dry liquid for those determined to slash their alcohol intake but not able to resist drinking something that looks and feels reasonably like wine.

Mind you, more delicious would be a small amount of real wine (or a larger amount of Moscato d'Asti at 5.5%) plus a properly alcohol-free drink. I was served water flavoured by rind-less cucumber slices and a spring of mint the other day and loved it.