Australasia here we come


A week today Nick and I are setting off on a particularly ambitious trip around Asia and Australia and hope that if you will be in any of our destinations over the next month, we might meet up. Many of the events I’m involved in are open to the public, and they include five events in three countries for the estimable Room to Read, currently educating its ten millionth child in the developing world.

This is the outline itinerary:

26 Feb        Chengdu

27-29 Feb   China Wine Summit, Shanghai

1-4 Mar       Hong Kong

5-10 Mar     Tokyo

11-15 Mar    Sydney

16-18 Mar    South Australia

19-22 Mar    Bangkok

You can see more detail in Where to find us.

As usual when travelling, I intend to keep a firm grip on Nick always teases me that I spend most of my time abroad in a hotel room updating the website. But if you are reading this and were thinking of sending anything to our London address*, please be aware that between 24 Feb and 23 Mar it will go to our house-sitters rather than to us. And if you were thinking of inviting me to anything in Europe during that period, I hereby thank you and present my excuses.

*The addresses given in the terms and conditions of this site are just a London post box and the registered address of Ltd, i e that of our accountants in Manchester. (After our experience with the email scammer, we are wary of publishing our personal address widely.) Should you need our address, kindly enquire via Contact.