Bordeaux 2013 TN survey – results


16 Apr - The 40 further responses served only to underline the preferences outlined below. We are also very grateful for your individual comments. 

Thank you very much indeed to the 120 of you Purple Pagers so far who have taken the trouble to answer yesterday's survey. I am particularly grateful to the handful who went to the effort of letting us know that their interest in Bordeaux is non-existent.

The results to date are shown below. We will keep the survey open for another 24 hours for those who still wish to contribute their views, but unless there is a dramatic change in the balance of responses, we will publish a list of Richard's favourite wines tomorrow and then a list of those that most disappointed him. We'll wait for more wine prices to be released before publishing his tasting notes in full and will probably start publishing this Good Friday or Easter Monday (neither of them holidays in France, oddly).

Thank you again for letting us know your preferences. And many thanks to all of you who took the trouble to add specific comments. They are much appreciated.

My general interest in Bordeaux is
Strong and active 58%
More theoretical than active 26.9%
Weak 12.6%
Non-existent 2.5%

My likely attitude to 2013 bordeaux is
I'll probably buy some if the price is right 24.4%
I'm highly unlikely to buy any whatever the price 41.2%
Somewhere between these two extremes 34.4%

Finally, feel free to choose as many (non-contradictory) options as you like
– Publish all Richard's tasting notes with scores as soon as possible 37%
– In order to avoid influencing prices in any way, publish his notes and scores only on wines whose prices have been released – as soon as possible afterwards 37%
– Wait until most prices have been announced before publishing any notes or scores 21%
– Publish a list of wines that most disappointed Richard 43.7%
- Publish a list of Richard's favourite wines 52.1%