Calling all 2014 wine books


As usual we will be farming out our book reviewing to an impartial third party, separated from the cosy southern English world of wine writing by the Irish Sea. (Since I have co-authored four books in the last three years, it seemed important to put some distance between me and whoever was reviewing wine books for this site.)

Dublin-based Paul O'Doherty is a radio presenter with a special interest in wine books and could hardly be accused of bias towards our books or those of our acquaintance since we have never actually met him.

As usual we plan to publish his reviews of this year's harvest of wine books towards the end of the year and this is a call for all those associated with wine books in English, wherever they are in the world, to contact him to let him know of suitable candidates for review. Or, you may have no direct connection with wine books other than as a reader and feel there are one or two important new books that he may have overlooked. This year seems like a relatively short harvest of wine books to me, but perhaps that is just because I will not be publishing one in 2014.

You can contact our wine book reviewer here:

Paul O'Doherty
39 De Courcey Square
Dublin 9