Champagne – Chardonnay-dominant growers

Agrapart slate labels in Avize, Champagne

Three great growers – all very strong characters – who specialise in Chardonnay-based wines of real interest: Agrapart, Ulysse Collin and Suenen. See this Guide to champagne coverage, summer 2019.

Agrapart et Fils, Côte des Blancs

This was my second visit to the family grower Agrapart, but the first was so long ago that oak, then, was a very strange foreign substance. Nowadays the long-aged 600-litre casks are very much part of this particularly artisanal grower.

Pascal Agrapart needs a little drawing out but eventually divulged some very interesting information and opinion. They make an average of 100,000 bottles a year, exclusively...