Do Aubert de Villaine a favour


This is the text of a letter from Aubert de Villaine of the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti to those on the mailing list for Daniel Johnnes' Paulée de New York, but I'm sure he would like you to read it and, ideally, act on it too. Getting in with Aubert sounds like a good idea to me…

Burgundy is currently federated around an ambitious project: the inscription of the Côtes de Beaune, the Côtes de Nuits and the towns of Dijon and Beaune on the World Heritage List [see our earlier feature on the Climats du Coeur wines produced in aid of this initiative – JR].

Nowhere in the world has a wine region chosen with such stubbornness and success to make the link between wine and its place of origin, creating a unique mosaic of climats which includes some of the most famous names in the world: Chambertin, Romanée-Conti, Clos de Vougeot, Montrachet, Corton, Musigny...

For 2,000 years, this land has been tended with constant care. Coupled with a constant search for excellence, it has shaped landscapes, built cabotes (stone huts), wine cellars, churches, etc.

Associated with the towns of Dijon and Beaune, which are the historic centres of political, economic and cultural power, the climats du vignoble de Bourgogne are a unique living museum of expertise and tradition.

Our candidacy has already overcome the first and most important step: we have been selected by the French government and will be presented to the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO.

However, to be included on the World Heritage list is not yet guaranteed. The 21 member states sitting on the World Heritage Committee must now be convinced of the exceptional and universal character of the climats of Burgundy.

As you know, recognition will not be achieved without the support of all concerned: from residents of Burgundy to citizens of the world, every one of us has a share in these exceptional landscapes.

We have more than 43,000 supporters now. You too, can play an active role. Support our application. Simply go to our website and click 'Participate'.

Thank you for your support,

Aubert de VILLAINE