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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
18 Jan 2012

Later that same day - some more good news: Thanks to Tam's very hard work, there are now more than 1,750 tasting notes on 2010 burgundies in our four tasting articles but you may have noticed that each of them until recently contained only 300 tasting notes.  This was because that had been set as the limit - by someone who thought that surely there would never be a tasting article with more than 300 tasting notes to a group. Huh! Wrong of course and this has just been changed so that you should be able to view all (unedited - please note) tasting notes currently in the database now.

Those of you who ever use our tasting notes search may have noticed an annoying glitch. As you know, you can choose how the tasting notes that come up when you search are ordered. The default order is alphabetical by producer (sur)name but by clicking on the various column headings, you can choose to order them by the name of the wine, by the appellation, by the vintage, by the date tasted or by score.

This last order is particularly popular - not least at the moment with our 1,500+ reviews of 2010 burgundies and our 650+ reviews of 2010 Rhône wines.

Until late yesterday, there was a particularly frustrating phenomenon, most frequently encountered when using Chrome as a browser. The first page of results would order themselves nicely but succeeding pages would not (although they often did in other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox).

However, I am delighted to report that after many hours of work, our developer has cured this glitch and that you can now be confident that all the tasting notes will be shown in the order you seek.