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  • Team JR
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  • Team JR
28 Jul 2018

5 August 2018 And the heatwave continues....Stock up on cool, crystalline, cooling German Rieslings, do.

28 July 2018 In this extremely hot weather, German wines really come into their own. Here's a reminder of our extensive coverage of the latest vintage. We will continue to add reports on this frost-shrunk crop and tasting notes on the wines. In this list the most recently published (or about-to-be-published) articles are at the top. 

Mythos Mosel 2018 – the rest (Tasting article) 1 August 2018

Mythos Mosel 2018 – Bernkasteler Ring members (Tasting article) 25 July 2018

Mythos Mosel 2018 – VDP members (Tasting article) 18 July

Howard Ripley's German 2017s (Tasting article) 26 June 2018

Pfalz, Ahr and a few Franken 2017s (Tasting article) 19 June 2018

Nahe and Württemberg 2017s (Tasting article) 12 June 2018

Keller GG 2017s from barrel (Tasting article) 11 June 2018

Rheinhessen 2017s from a new association (Tasting article) 5 June 2018 2017s 

Keller 2017s from cask (Tasting article) 2 April 2018

Germany's record-breaking 2017 vintage (Inside information) 5 December 2017

Frost damage in German vineyards (Inside information) 24 April 2017

In the photo above, evidence of the tiny Riesling berries in the Kellers' Hipping vines.