Guide to our coverage of 2017 German wines


19 September 2018 We have begun to publish Michael's reports on this year's presentation of GGs in Wiesbaden, and I also presented notes on some of the special wines to be offered at auction this weekend on which customers of J&B and Howard Ripley can bid through these UK merchants. 

5 August 2018 And the heatwave continues ... Stock up on cool, crystalline, cooling German Rieslings, do.

28 July 2018 In this extremely hot weather, German wines really come into their own. Here's a reminder of our extensive coverage of the latest vintage. We will continue to add reports on this frost-shrunk crop and tasting notes on the wines. In this list the most recently published (or about-to-be-published) articles are at the top. 

Wiesbaden 2018 – Rheingau, Pfalz and Franken Riesling GGs (Tasting article) 2 October 2018

Records smashed at German wine auctions (Don't quote me) 27 September 2018

Wiesbaden 2018 – Mosel, Nahe and Rheinhessen Riesling GGs (Tasting article) 25 September 2018

Justerini & Brooks's Germans (Tasting article) 24 September 2018

Wiesbaden 2018 – reds and Silvaner GGs (Tasting article) 18 September 2018

A foretaste of this year's German wine auctions (Tasting article) 17 September 2018

Tesch Nahe 2017 Rieslings (Tasting article) 15 August 2018

Mythos Mosel 2018 – the rest (Tasting article) 1 August 2018

Mythos Mosel 2018 – Bernkasteler Ring members (Tasting article) 25 July 2018

Mythos Mosel 2018 – VDP members (Tasting article) 18 July

Howard Ripley's German 2017s (Tasting article) 26 June 2018

Pfalz, Ahr and a few Franken 2017s (Tasting article) 19 June 2018

Nahe and Württemberg 2017s (Tasting article) 12 June 2018

Keller GG 2017s from barrel (Tasting article) 11 June 2018

Rheinhessen 2017s from a new association (Tasting article) 5 June 2018 2017s 

Keller 2017s from cask (Tasting article) 2 April 2018

Germany's record-breaking 2017 vintage (Inside information) 5 December 2017

Frost damage in German vineyards (Inside information) 24 April 2017

In the photo above, evidence of the tiny Riesling berries in the Kellers' Hipping vines.