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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
27 Nov 2006

My offer to mail you personalised bookplates for the new, much revised 3rd edition of The Oxford Companion to Wine expires at midnight tomorrow night London time so do please place your order now if you would like to take advantage of this way of distinguishing your copy, or the copy you plan to give to someone else.

The bookplates themselves are roughly three inches by four, white and decorated with a nice little black drawing of a couple of vaguely Burgundian baskets of grapes. (Nick says they look like ancient snow shoes.)

All you have to do is email General Enquiries via the Contact button at the bottom of any page with your mailing address and preferred dedication (no more than 10 words, please). If you don't have any particular choice of words, I will write 'To X [you supply the X], a companion in wine' above my regal signature.

Long before I ever wrote a book, I decided life was too short to write out 'obinson' thousands of times, so I have signed 'Jancis R' for years, a fact which has caused some merriment among my colleagues on the Royal Household Wine Committee.