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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
19 Mar 2007

As part of Comic Relief's array of items being auctioned 100% in aid of their extraordinarily worthwhile work in Africa and the UK on eBay, I am offering to organise and present a wine tasting session for those who bid the most. Bids close at 9pm this Thursday Mar 22.  Here's where to bid.


We can work out the details of exactly when, where and what but I'm happy to provide a bottle each of eight significant wines. We can get a generous 15 pours from each bottle so you can bring at least a dozen friends – or, preferably, bid as a consortium of 14 or so. Then you can tell me what sort of wines interest you most.


I suggest an early evening, date by mutual arrangement. I am happy to get myself anywhere within easy reach of London. Further afield will need a bit of prior arrangement so you might like to email me via the General Enquiries option here before placing a bid if you want this tasting to take place in Outer Mongolia, or even Aberdeen (not that I'm suggesting there is any relationship whatsoever between Aberdeen and Outer Mongolia).


Please bid high, and remember this is one very obvious and deliciously stimulating way that we wine lovers can make a real difference to people's lives across the UK and Africa.