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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
18 May 2005

You've probably spent several hours in total listening to someone going on about Sideways and/or Mondovino, the films that suddenly emerged recently about different aspects of our favourite subject. Sideways is the funny, polished, fictional buddy movie set in southern California. Mondovino is the cranky documentary that makes everyone so cross.

No need to track them down in some ancient arthouse movie theatre of weird special screening. Just click on the links below to have them mailed directly to you.

Sideways - the DVD

The very funny buddy movie about two guys touring Central Coast wine country in search of, respectively, sex and Pinot Noir.

Click here to order this from Amazon UK

(I'll add a link to Amazon US when it's live)

Mondovino - the DVD

Jonathan Nossiter's controversial documentary about the globalisation of the world of wine.

Click here to order this from Amazon UK

Click here to order this from Amazon US
(this keeps coming up with browser error - maybe the Amazon team saw the film?)

Click here to order the French version from Amazon France