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  • Tamlyn Currin
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  • Tamlyn Currin
16 Jun 2011

Below is a guide to this week's collection of Nebbiolo gems that Walter Speller, our Italian expert (captured in the pensive photo on the left by Maurizio Gjivovich), has been writing for us. Jancis got the week off to a flying start with a blind tasting of 44 Barolos for the World of Fine Wine magazine. And Walter's rounded it off with a great retrospective of 2001s.

2001 in the Langhe 10 years on (Tasting articles) 27 Jun 2011

Roero - 2008 and 2007 Riservas (Tasting articles) 17 Jun 2011

The Grosslagen of Barolo (Inside information) 16 Jun 2011

Barolo - 2007s and 2005 Riservas (Tasting articles) 16 Jun 2011

Barbaresco - 2008s and 2006 Riservas (Tasting articles) 15 Jun 2011

Barbaresco catches up (Inside information) 15 Jun 2011

Barolo, Barbaresco to expand (Inside information) 14 Jun 2011

Barolo's impressive 2006s (Tasting articles) 13 Jun 2011