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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
20 Jan 2012

Those of you eagerly following the Burgundy 2010 primeurs campaign may have noticed all the hard work that Tamlyn Currin and Richard Hemming have been engaged in. The current total tally of tasting notes on this very exciting vintage (for both colours of wine) in our tasting notes database currently stands at more than 1,950. (This seems so high that I suspect there may be some duplications in there.) Tam reckons she will have finished the initial upload of reviews by Monday and will then start the task of ordering them alphabetically by producer - rather than all mixed up and ordered by score as they are at the moment.

To judge from the Burgundy 2010 thread on our forum, there has been strong demand for these wines - in stark contrast to the decidedly depressed Bordeaux market. Because I know how sluggish demand for fine young Bordeaux in Europe and the United States is currently, I have started a Who is interested in 2011 bordeaux en primeur? thread on the forum trying to assess interest in having tasting notes on embryonic Bordeaux 2011 on this site. I need to start planning now if I am to make the usual trek to Bordeaux at the beginning of April, so do please contribute your views.

I have just returned from a tannin fest in the East Anglian seaside town of Southwold during which, with some of Britain's more notable wine writers and merchants, I immersed myself in a thorough review of top red Bordeaux 2008 tasted blind. There are some very good, though not excellent, wines at the top and a lot of rather fruitless numbers at the bottom. I will be reporting in more detail of course.

Normal service will be resumed once we have all of the Burgundy 2010 tasting articles to our, and your, satisfaction, but we hope that it has been useful to have access to reviews before their final edit and ordering. Please bear with us over, and ideally draw our attention to, any oddities, omissions and duplications.