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  • Nick Lander
Written by
  • Nick Lander
21 May 2001

Three weeks ago I ate within the space of 48 hours at Carluccio's Caffe in St.Christopher's Place and an exciting new restaurant/concept called Shish in Willesden Green. In both I had an unfortunate experience which I wrote about immediately to their respective owners.

From Priscilla Carluccio I received a reply by return apologising for the fact that my guest had hit her head on an overhead beam getting up from a table that is so awkwardly sited that it should not be in use (it was the only one vacant).

Full marks.

To the owner of Shish and his PR I wrote after our meal pointing out how good the food had been and how exciting the concept - it is a very modern design, similar to Yo-Sushi, but dedicated to the kebabs and wraps of the Middle and Far East. Our good times were spoilt by the incompleted credit card trick, the oldest in the profession, whereby the 10% service had been incorporated into the total at the top of the slip and the service element left blank so that I could very easily and mistakenly leave another 10%.

My letter to the owner David Azouri about this malpractice, copied to his PR Rochelle Cohen has not even been acknowledged.

Nul points.