When is Riesling ready?

Giuseppe Vajra Niki Sachs Olivier Humbrecht Morten Hallgren Jon Stevens Enno Lippold

The third tasting article in our series about older whites is an account of six Riesling 2010s from round the world. See also Tyrrell's prove longevity and  Chablis – Raveneau v Dauvissat

Dr Enno Lippold is a highly idiosyncratic grower on the Mosel with extremely strongly held views. Chief among them is that Riesling nowadays, especially German Riesling, is released far too young. (He flashed around the catalogue of a famous Rheingau estate already offering its 2017 TBAs.)

To this end, he organised a presentation at 67 Pall Mall recently of 2010 Rieslings from leading producers in...