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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
1 Nov 2012

1 Nov later - I'm told that M&S are now offering 25% off any two half-cases bought online, with free delivery, until 4 November..

1 Nov - And now Tesco are doing it too.  Also online, but not in Scotland where the local populace are regarded as too great a health risk to be encouraged to buy wine. Unfortunately my Tesco tasting notes are unedited and un-uploaded but I'll recommend a standout buy tomorrow. Offer lasts until 4 November. What they deem 'Fine wine' is excluded from the offer but those they call 'Finest*' are not. Go figure.

Sainsbury's have just done it. And now the wine lover's favourite UK supermarket is about to do it.  Waitrose is offering 25% off all wines for one week only, from tomorrow Wednesday 31 October to 6 November. The offer will apply to all purchases of six or more wines either in stores or online. It includes all fortified wines, sparkling wines and champagne.

As Purple Pagers can see from my tasting notes on 138 current offerings from Waitrose published last Friday, I think that many of the wines are great value even at full price. I would strongly suggest you take a look at my scores and those I denote GV for good value. Wines are shown by colour or style and then in descending score order, making it very easy for you to pick out the over-performers. Anyone in need of serious quantities of champagne should take a look at my notes on fizz, and those on Waitrose own-label champagnes published last July here.

Below are the details of the offer as described by Waitrose: 

•    As well as in store, Waitrose Wine Direct is offering 25% off any 12 bottles at

•    The offer is also available to those customers who order their groceries online at, with the usual £50 minimum spend still applicable.

•    Regular promotions will begin again on  7 November.

•    Please note this offer will not be available in Scotland.