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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
25 Aug 2007

There are signs that France is re-establishing its hold on British wine lovers after a period that saw Australian wine sales decisively overtake those of French wine. The French are jubilant that last month's AC Nielsen moving annual total sales in 'multiple specialists' in the UK showed that French wine sold in July 2007 was worth £112 million as opposed to just £94 million worth of Australian wine sold.


Australia still sold slightly more than France by volume in July (1.68 million cases rather than 1.6 million) but French wine sales are overall increasing by 2% while the overall wine market declined by 6% and Australia's wine sales declined by 13%.


This trend is confirmed by anecdotal evidence from wine retailers who report increased interest in the wines of France. Mind you, lovers of French wine have never had such a great combination of vintages to choose from as currently - see  Why now is a great time to buy (French) wine. The wines themselves are unlikely to be quite so glorious a year from now.