Dom Tollot-Beaut 2007 Bourgogne Rouge


From about £11 a bottle.

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No, there is no escape from our 1,350-strong survey of the 2007 vintage in Burgundy!

But this is a thoroughly approachable and friendly introduction to the vintage. It seems worth pointing out that not all 2007 burgundies worth buying are white and not all are expensive. This lovely blend of wines from less exalted vineyards owned by the very serious-minded family-owned Domaine Tollot-Beaut in Chorey-lès-Beaune is already showing well, and showing those characteristics that only Pinot Noir grown in Burgundy can. It already has a lovely welcoming sweet perfume but finishes appetisingly dry, flavoured by the centuries that Pinot vines have been planted here.

Many winemakers in the Côte d’Or seem to treat the much less concentrated Pinot from their least prestigious vineyards exactly the same as, say, the fruit from their Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards, and end up with a tough wine dominated by oak. This wine seems to have been very sensitively handled in the cellar and the result is a lively, fruity but savoury wine you could drink any time over the next two or three years – though no longer! The 2007 red burgundies, especially those at this most basic level, are in general designed for early drinking.

It is currently being offered in the UK by Justerini & Brooks (best price), Bibendum and OW Loeb in their 2007 burgundy offers from £50 per six-bottle case. Alas this will all finally work out at around £11 a bottle once the ever-rising UK wine duty (more than £9 per six-bottle case – see California tax hike proposed ) and then VAT (just under £9 per six-bottle case) is paid, but this should be a thoroughly satisfying and representative example of hand-crafted red burgundy.

Look out for this bargain once it is offered where you live.

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