Indie writing competition – LHK Fine Wines


Despite a reluctance to enter competitions, David Harris feels so strongly about one online independent in particular that he sent this review in response to our call to help the indies.

So, I have to be honest, I am not usually one to participate in such things, however, I do feel compelled to talk about LHK Fine Wines. Why? Well it is simple: everywhere you look, in all newspapers, everyone is complaining about how poorly customer are being treated. This ranges from the way people are ‘mis-sold’ banking products, to having extremely poor experiences with their energy providers etc etc etc. I have experienced this first hand… So why is this relevant? For me, the key to great customer service is trust, understanding, empathy and thinking about things in the way I see them.

For me, as a customer of LHK Fine Wines, these huge organisations should take a leaf out their book. At LHK their growing customer base says it all. They have started small, they think about how to differentiate in what is a crowded market and they really focus on doing the right thing by their customers. 

From all the interactions I have had with them, they find a unique balance across the services they provide (which I appreciate is essentially supplying me with great wines) but they have done it in a way that has built up trust and understanding on my tastes and appetite to spend, and without being greedy have encouraged me to try new things, without making me feel they are just doing it for them or putting me under any pressure. 

They have also started exploring with tasting dinners, summer and winter events, and all of the ones I have been to have further illustrated to me that their hard work and commitment is paying off. These events are attended by a range of people, with different tastes, different appetites to spend, but we all individually feel welcome, and comfortable to mingle, interact and enjoy the buzz surrounding a great little company – well done LHK Fine Wines, keep it up!

LHK Fine Wines
Unit A, Molasses House
Clove Hitch Quay
Plantation Wharf
London SW11 3TN
+44 (0)20 7993 0930