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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
11 Jul 2005

One of my favourite publications, Off Licence News, published a special Wine Report last weekend based on the sales stats of AC Nielsen, the retail audit people.

I feel a summer quiz coming on – not least to keep you amused while I settle in to our summer quarters in the Languedoc, find the adaptors, hook up to Wanadoo, dust down the hammock, etc etc. The figures are based on AC Nielsen's figures for retail sales in the UK for the 12 months to 14 may 05. I'm sorry for those of you living outside the UK but I'm sure you can take a good guess at the answers.  

If you supply one of the three best answers to the five questions below, you'll win a free subscription to purple pages either for yourself or, if you are already a purple pager, for a nominated third party of your choice.  

Here are the questions, and you are not eligible if you read Off Licence News. I shall be scanning your email address carefully for signs of your being the UK wine trade!

1. How many of the top 10 selling wine brands are French? 

2. Which country does the wine brand in the top 20 with the biggest percentage sales increase over the previous 12 months come from? 

3. In which position is E&J Gallo? 

4. How many of the top 10 wine brands are Australian? 

5. I would like a subscription to purple pages because….(please complete)

To take part, just click here (or on Contact at the bottom of any page).

-Choose the Quiz option in the Subject box at the top.

-Fill in your Name and Email address in the appropriate boxes and, preferably, approximate location in the Address box.

-Enter your numbered answers in the Message box.

-Click Submit.

Closing date midnight GMT 17 jul 05. I'll announce the winners on Monday 18 jul 05.