Book reviews 2014 – a guide


Paul O'Doherty is a Dublin-based journalist and broadcaster who, every year between December and January, shares his thoughts on the wine (and sometimes spirits) books published during the previous year. To find the reviews that have already been published, click on the links below, the most recently published collections are at the top. Paul's final set of reviews – of books on viticulture and vinification – will be published on Friday.

Books of the year 2014 (free) 2 Jan 2015

Viticulture and vinification 2 Jan 2015

The Americas 31 Dec 2014

European miscellany 30 Dec 2014

Fortified wines 29 Dec 2014

Memoirs 26 Dec 2014

Mainly atlases and antiques 24 Dec 2014

Alcohol in all its forms 23 Dec 2014

Annuals and pocket guides 22 Dec 2014