Germany's 2009s – a guide


We have published our many hundreds of tasting notes so far on Germany's exceptionally approachable 2009 vintage in several different tranches, as listed below, most recent first.

But don't overlook the 2008s, which are leaner and more obviously defined but are maturing very nicely. The 2007s are already famous.

* denotes those articles that can be viewed by anyone, Purple pager or not.


2009 Spätburgunder (and 2010 southern Rieslings) (Oct 2011 by MS)

Yet more worthwhile German 2009s (Dec 2010 by JR)

Dry Rieslings around the world (German 2009s amongst others) (Nov 2010 by JR)

More German 2009s – a Nahe double (Nov 2010 by JR)

More German 2009s – a Wine Society offer (Nov 2010 by JR)

Jubilee – a new German specialist (Sep 2010 by JR)

Germany's top 2009 whites, 2008 reds? (Sep 2010 by MS & JR)

Pigott's wine v the rest (Sep 2010 JR)

German 2009s – a third helping (Aug 2010 by JR & JH)

Germany's alluring 2009s (Jul 2010 by JR & JH)

German Rieslings 2009 – massive report (May 2010 by MS)


Styles of German Riesling – the numbers (Aug 2010 by MS)

*Van Volxem Saar Riesling 2008/2009 (Jul 2010 by JR)

*Why buy German (Jul 2010 by JR)

Keller on 2009 (Dec 2009 by K P Keller)

Pigott's wine – part 2 (Nov 2009 by Stuart Pigott)

Pigott's wine – part 1 (Nov 2009 by Stuart Pigott)

Germany 2009 – predictions of greatness (Nov 2009 already! MS)

*Germany 2009 – great but small (Nov 2010 by JH)

Germany's 2009 harvest (Sep 2009 JR)