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  • Jancis Robinson
Written by
  • Jancis Robinson
24 Feb 2011

25 Mar - I think in total at least 10 people volunteered to design this logo. Clearly we have hit a nerve. Thank you all.

Even later  - And a third volunteer! There seems to be some sort of pattern here...

Later that same day
- I am thrilled to report that we have already had three generous and positive responses to this. One from someone whose father was swindled in a wine scam and one from someone who used to work in the wine trade and feels strongly about this issue. Thank you!

My wine-writing colleague Jim Budd is long known for his effective crusading against investment scams that focus on wine and other alcoholic drinks, notably via his website and via dogged pursuit of the increasing number of operators of doubtful probity, particularly in the the UK, offering fine wines and spirits for 'investment', either at ludicrously inflated prices or with the intention of parting unwitting investors from their money without any intention of fulfilling their orders. Because investors rarely ever set eyes on what they have supposedly bought, this can be all too easy.

Now he is proposing that all respectable companies that give advice on investing in wine sign up to a voluntary code of practice, the Wine Investment Code, to help potential customers sort the sheep from the goats - a bit like the British ABTA bond for travel agents or CORGI registration for accredited gas installers. I have agreed to act for a term as a referee for the scheme, which is voluntary in every way - so that all work on it has to be pro bono.

What we need is an easily identifiable, reassuring logo for the Wine Investment Code. We were wondering whether any of you are, or know, a good graphic designer who is also sufficiently interested in wine that they might kindly donate such a thing, perhaps in exchange for attending some insider wine event. together with what Jim offers as 'a selection of Loire wines as an investment in pleasure'?

I would be delighted to provide a brief. Should you by any chance have any suggestions, kindly contact