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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
28 Jul 2005

Hardly fine wine news this, but I have just returned from 2.5 days researching bouillabaisse with Nick in Marseille to find that Outlook Express appears to have eaten the 115 messages that awaited me - downloaded them but they failed to appear on the screen - plus every single message received since 19 nov 04, many of which are highly relevant to the next edition of the Oxford Companion to Wine.

Firstly, please re-send any message you sent to me since early Tuesday morning. If I seem discourteous in not replying, this why.

Secondly, has anyone any experience of this phenomenon with OE and can you suggest any possible recovery techniques? I have Windows XP.

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Thanks very much in advance.

29 jul: Fellow email junkies may be intrigued to know that withdrawing the drug has been an eerily calm and peaceful process. Instead of having to respond to 115 emails, all I had to do was ruefully agree that Julia Harding MW was right to suggest that I should have saved all my OCW emails in a separate folder. I do hate being proved wrong.