Our huge Learn section: where to buy, store and study


We are hijacking our Throwback Thursday slot for the second week in a row to point out some more highlights of our new designs. We hope that now, nearly two weeks after its launch, the layout and navigation are becoming thoroughly familiar to you – though rest assured that we continue to beaver away making improvements in response to our members' valued feedback. See this recent progress report.

You may not yet have come across three of our richest resources: Where to buy, Where to store, and Wine courses. They reside in our ridiculously comprehensive (150,000 words) Learn section, and are fully updated from the previous versions that lurked on the old JancisRobinson.com, thanks to some meticulous work by Matthew Forster and Camilla Sellars. They are also totally free to access.

The Where to buy section provides details of nearly 750 wine retailers worldwide, grouped by country. We don't include merchants just because they exist; we believe these are worthwhile addresses.

Where to store lists over 130 storage providers, again divided by country. We have included an overview of the storage scene in each country, where appropriate, and also details of the price and services each company offers – where that information was available.

Wine courses offers details of more than 120 wine courses around the world, in three categories: internationally recognised, universities and consumer-focused courses. We have included a description of most of these institutions and organisations.

These sections will be updated as the site continues to evolve, so please do get in touch to draw our attention to any errors or omissions, especially if you'd like to suggest an addition to any of these three resources (although we will value comments from retailers' customers more than from retailers themselves). And do, please, make maximum use of them.

To blow our own trumpet most deliberately, we reckon they are the most comprehensive collections of this information to be found anywhere online, and we want to ensure that everyone who loves wine gets to know about them.