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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
28 Jan 2010

If ever you find yourself with a little time to spare in Zurich airport, you might take the short stroll to the Radisson Blu Hotel in the airport itself. There they have taken a towering leaf out of the book of Aureole in Las Vegas and in the lobby you will find  a 16-metre high glass tower filled with wine bottles that they claim is 'Europe's largest wine cellar'.  (They obviously haven't been to Vienna's Palais Coburg.)

This is quite a sight in any case but if you're there in the evening, Monday-Saturday, or at Sunday lunchtime, you will see 'wine angels' dressed in white feathers and not that much else cavorting on a harness that moves them up and down as they perform. 'To the accompaniment of a unique light-display, the bottles ordered are gracefully lowered down from the heights by our wine angels', promises the hotel. 'The angels will amaze you with their artistic acrobatic shows.'

Over dinner after the inaugural event of The Wine Forum on Tuesday night just before the more serious forum was taking place in Davos, I filmed a glimpse of this seventh wonder of the world.