Updating frequency here – your views please

About 800 of you have been quite extraordinarily generous with your views about this site and its strengths and weaknesses. We are most grateful for your help in improving what we have to offer and will be choosing our winners of the most helpful responses soon and will announce winners of preview copies of the new Vintners’ Tales DVD soon. Although should you wish to add your views, there is still (just) time. Kindly click here for the questionnaire. 

Meanwhile there is just one small thing I would appreciate your help with. One of the topics on the questionnaire asks you to say whether you are Very satisfied, Satisfied, Dissatisfied, Very Dissatisfied with the frequency with which this site is updated.
Nancy Preston, who has been masterminding the responses, when presenting headline results to me this week, declared herself rather disappointed that ‘only’ about 73% of respondents said they were either Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the update frequency.
Since we post two or three new articles on his site every week day, as well as daily contributions to the forum, I am intrigued by those who say they are dissatisfied by the update frequency. I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks the site should be updated more often. I wonder whether any of those who said they were dissatisfied with the update frequency think the site is updated too often?
Any specific thoughts on the frequency of updates here would be very much appreciated. Kindly use the Add a comment box below to let us know what you think.
Thanks very much all of you who responded and those of you who are about to. We do want to make the site as close as possible to exactly what you want.