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  • Julia Harding MW
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  • Julia Harding MW
2 Feb 2007

Viniflhor (France's snappily named national organisation for fruit, vegetables, wine and horticulture, previously known as Onivins) voted for a new national category of wine  on 17 January 2007. It hasn't yet been ratified by the French government but if it goes ahead it will comprise "mid-range Vins de Pays wines from different geographical areas of France", ie a multiregional blend along the lines of Australia's "SE Australia" category.

The proposal includes various strategies to guarantee a certain level of quality and prevent the new category from becoming a dumping ground for France's current wine surplus of two million hectolitres. Not surprisingly, this vote has not been greeted with universal acclaim.

For more information, download this English-language article from La Journée Vinicole.