Want a wonton?

Wontons and sauces on a table

Now Londoners can order delicious handmade pork dumplings delivered to their door.

My article on Saturday 20 March that profiled Hanzhou Piao’s handmade, and bicycle-delivered, wonton dumplings for the citizens of Paris obviously had some effect. Last Friday I received an email from Amy Poon, the daughter of the man who made Poon’s restaurant in Soho’s Lisle Street so well known, advising me of her new wonton venture.

Teaming up with Stevie Parle via his food and wine shop Joy, which was home to his and Tom Dixon’s The Dock Kitchen by Portobello Dock, Poon now makes wontons for delivery and collection on Saturday and Sunday under the name of Wontoneria by Poon’s. A box of 16 costs £18 plus delivery.

Wonton delivery

There is only one flavour, minced pork, and they come with small boxes of spring onions and chilli dipping sauce. But once we had steamed them for precisely six minutes as advertised on the very clear instructions, we found that actually they didn’t need any condiments at all. They were so full of flavourful meat, so full of obvious goodness, that alongside an adapted version of the hot buckwheat-noodle salad from the Hemsley and Hemsley book (using rice vermicelli noodles instead), they made our first lunch in the company of others since well before Christmas truly memorable. (This is no April Fool but the truth.)

A junior wonton fan

As you can see, they are adored by gourmets of all ages.

Wontoneria by Poon’s at Joy