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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
11 Jul 2007

From the next seven days both Julia and I will be on holiday. It's very bad management, I know, that we're both away at the same time and has never happened before for more than a day or so but I hope you will understand the pressing need to recharge our batteries after the four-plus-years' continuous slog of updating first The Oxford Companion to Wine for its 3rd edn out last September and more recently The World Atlas of Wine for its 6th edn currently being printed.


As usual there will be new articles every day (except Sunday) and I intend to join you online whenever Nick and my travels allow, but I hope you will bear with us if it takes slightly longer than usual to respond to any queries or topics in the members' forum. In past years the number of visitors to the site has tended to slow down a little in July and August – holiday time for many of us (see next week's wine of the week, designed for long, lazy lunches) – but perhaps this year with so many new purple pagers this won't be the case?


Subscriptions queen Rachel Shaughnessy will still have her nose to the grindstone so do please address any queries about membership, logging on, passwords or free trial cancellations to her either at or choose the Subs/Log In option from the Contact button at the bottom of any page.


And – who knows? – you may not even notice the difference.