Where to buy 2007 Germans

See our 450 tasting notes on German 2007s.

Initially it was the German wine stalwarts Howard Ripley, Justerini & Brooks and Montrachet who seemed the only British merchants to take an interest in this latest vintage of German wine but in the last day or so they have been joined by Lay & Wheeler and Bibendum. Of the fine wine traders, Bordeaux Index and Seckford Wines offer some of the top estates while Fine & Rare also seem to have a thing about J J Prum and I bumped into one of their number at the J&B tasting so perhaps they will be making an offer too. 13 JulGenesis have now entered the fray.

To find contact details for these and any other merchants, go to the merchants section of our links & addresses section.

Bear in mind that 2007 is a very attractive, very useful vintage for German wine. Not spectacular in the sense that lots of very sweet wines were made – just very pure and expressive wines from those who didn't pick too early.

And those who until now have been dubious about the entire concept of dry German Rieslings owe it to themselves to try some of the most successful 2007s. Although it may be too late to nab any Keller wines from the Rheinhessen (offered by both Howard Ripley and J&B).