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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
11 Jan 2002

Sotheby's are cock-a-hoop at continuing to trounce Christie's in terms of wine sales. Under the deeply bold heading 'Sotheby's Takes The Lead In Worldwide Wine Auctions', the auction house announces that its wine sales were up 32 per cent to $36.4 million (£25.4 million) last year, with sales in the US representing the lion's share, 63 per cent of the totals.

Christie's meanwhile are rather more low-key in their announcement that, having severed connections with Zachy's as US auction partner, they are to take up with Geoffrey Troy who founded the New York Wine Warehouse in 1991 for its sales in New York and Los Angeles.

There should be no shortage of stock for auctioneers to get their hands on in the coming year. But don't overlook those lower profile sales for bargains.