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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
25 Jan 2012

The survey is now closed. Thanks so much to all 268 Purple Pagers who were kind enough to share their views with us.

Today is the last day of our brief survey designed to assess Purple Pagers' level of interest in Bordeaux 2011 primeurs. There are just six multiple choice questions.

We will close the survey at 5pm London time tonight  Wednesday 25 January, and plan to publish the results of what you have told us tomorrow. So far we have 185 responses but would love to have as many views as possible, whether you are interested in bordeaux or not

Those who are interested in bordeaux may like to know that we are planning a major survey of how the 2008s are looking now, and an account of a blind comparison of top 1982s and 1986s.