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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
14 Nov 2007

Virtually the minute I arrived two weeks ago in my room at the Harvest Inn in St Helena, Napa Valley (an attractive collection of rooms and cottages by the vineyards just west of Highway 29 as you drive in to this busy town) the phone went and before I knew it I was being interviewed for a whole hour by the three guys behind Grape Radio, an online broadcaster of wine-related podcasts.

They have just published the results of that hour's taping at and, while I'm most anxious to know that it sounds all right, I don't unfortunately have an hour to spare at the moment (tastings to go to, articles to write).

Should any of you by any chance have time to listen to any of this and hear anything untoward, do please let me know via Contact at the bottom of the page, choosing the General Enquiries option. It can be disconcerting to have a conversation with three voices in three different locations belonging to people you have never met and whose faces you cannot see. But you conference callers know all about that.

Grape Radio has a bank of other interviews and discussions which should be of interest to any wine lover. The previous interview to mine was with Dr Jay Miller, one of the contributors to The Wine Advocate and, and there are  also numerous discussions of America's darling, Pinot Noir, among the most recent features.